Tackling Diabetes
Safety Charter

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Diabetes is a hidden epidemic and the fastest-growing health threat facing our nation. 4.6 million people have the condition in the UK, 700 people are diagnosed a day (one every two minutes).

Diabetes can cause people to black out or act as if drunk when they are not correctly managing their condition. Those on high medications are required by the DVLA to test two hours before driving and every two hours whilst driving to keep themselves and other road users safe. This is not, as yet, a legal requirement on construction sites, on unadopted roads or on rail tracks.

The Tackling Diabetes Safety Charter has been developed to encourage and support companies to protect their staff from diabetes risk. Diabetes risk in the workplace is rarely highlighted, this charter intends to change the current perception that exists around the condition by providing companies with a means to inspire change.

By signing up to the Charter companies can make a positive commitment to increasing its staffs understanding of diabetes, the associated risks and help remove the stigma associated with the condition. It also helps companies to put the correct diabetes specific policies, risk assessments and diabetes first aid kits in place.

Does your company have diabetes risk assessments, diabetes policies, diabetes friendly first aid kits. Are all staff following DVLA regulations and testing blood sugars before working on plant or machinery? If you answer no to any of these, you are leaving your staff open to the risk of a site fatality and your company exposed to criminal and civil liability.

Sign up to the Tacking Diabetes Charter and let’s make sure everyone gets home at night.

If you would like to know more or sign up please email or call us on 0121 227 8638.

This is to certify that

Will abide by the principles of the Tackling Diabetes Safety Charter, a Charter developed to increase awareness, remove stigma and create greater safety around diabetes in all places of work.

Our company is signing this charter and pledging to:


Provide diabetes awareness training to our staff to ensure they understand;

The risks diabetes brings to their own health
The risks diabetes brings to others on site and in the workplace
Simple steps they can make to keep themselves and others healthy and safe from diabetes

Promote glucose testing according to DVLA regulations
Ensure we have in place specific diabetes safety policies

Provide access to clean suitable places for those with diabetes who need to test their blood sugar levels

 Ensure we have in place specific diabetes safety risk assessments and safe systems of work.

As a company we will ensure we support our staff by making the workplace safer from diabetes risk. We commit to follow the principles of the Tackling Diabetes Safety Charter and together help turn the tide on the growing diabetes epidemic and its associated risks.

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