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Diabetes Hypo Kit

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Diabetes Hypo Kit

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Stay prepared for a hypoglycaemic episode with easy refill options.

Diabetes Hypo Kit
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The Diabetes Epidemic

Every day, 700 individuals are diagnosed with diabetes, joining over a million people in the UK reliant on insulin. In the workplace, this translates to a hidden but significant threat – with staggering implications including 190 amputations and 550 heart attacks weekly. The numbers are clear: diabetes is not just a health issue; it’s a workplace safety crisis needing to be addressed.

Increased Workplace Risks

Statistically, it’s highly likely one or more members of your workforce has diabetes. Without proactive measures, your company faces a reality of diabetes related incidents. The cost? Not just to your company, but to the very lives of your employees.

Introducing the

DSO Diabetes Hypo Kit


A compact, easy to use, kit equipped with three fruit flavoured, caffeine and gluten free, 60ml glucose shots, ready to tackle hypoglycemic episodes head-on. 

More than just a kit – it’s a gateway to empowerment, offering comprehensive training accessible with a simple scan of a QR code.


Empowerment Through Education

When you purchase your DSO Diabetes Hypo Kit, your employees also gain access to high quality training. 

In taking the DSO Diabetes Hypo Kit training course, they gain the knowledge and skills to confidently administer frontline support when someone is experiencing hypoglycemia. 

Completion of the DSO Diabetes Hypo Kit course instills confidence and fosters vigilance, enabling your employees readiness to make a difference. When it comes to hypoglycaemic episodes, your workplace is not just prepared – it’s proactive.

Join Us in Making a Difference

By choosing the DSO Diabetes Hypo Kit, you’re not just safeguarding your employees; you’re joining a nationwide movement towards better health and safety standards.

Ready to make a difference?

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Empowerment Through Education


Throughout my twenty years in health and wellbeing, the constant rise in workplace diabetes has been alarming. It’s not just a health issue—it deeply affects safety, productivity, and corporate responsibility. Many employees might not even know they are at risk, which can lead to severe incidents, including hypoglycemic episodes.

That’s why I developed the DSO Diabetes Hypo Kit. This kit is more than an emergency response tool; it’s a step towards a safer, informed workplace. With straightforward, effective glucose shots, the kit ensures that both employees and employers can swiftly address diabetes-related health challenges.

Our aim at DSO extends beyond risk management. Each Diabetes Hypo Kit  is paired with training materials accessed via a QR code, empowering everyone with the knowledge needed to make impactful changes.

Integrating these kits into your health and safety strategy sets a higher standard in employee care, emphasising proactive health management and safety.

Kate Walker
Diabetes Safety Organisation