Protecting people
and business

against diabetes risk & liability

Diabetes is a hidden epidemic leaving all companies exposed to increased absenteeism, increased risk of accidents and therefore increased risk of criminal and civil liability. Diabetes continues to rise with 700 people a day diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in the UK. One third of the population are either at increased risk of the condition or are already living with diabetes. What are you doing to keep your staff in work, productive and safe from the risks of diabetes?

Hiding in plain sight

A staggering 7% of the population have diabetes. 80% have type 2 diabetes, 5% have type 1 diabetes and 5% have rare types of the condition. Some of those living with type 2 diabetes will be totally unaware they are living with the condition. Does your company have in place, diabetes risk assessments, diabetes policies, diabetes friendly first aid kits? Are all your staff following DVLA regulations and where required to, and testing blood sugars before working on plant or machinery? If you answer no to any of these, you are leaving your staff open to the risk of a site fatality and your company exposed to criminal and civil liability.

It is not a question of if a hypo will lead to a fatality in the workplace but when!

The Diabetes Safety Organisation

As diabetes continues to rise in the population, the risk to an individual’s health, workplace fatalities and criminal liability rises proportionately. DSO are leading the way by providing a cost-effective solution to give your company the knowledge and understanding to manage the huge risk that diabetes poses on the workplace, reducing absenteeism, protecting your workforce from injury and your management from criminal liability. We work with international law firm Gowling WLG, who provide the legal expertise. All medical aspects are reviewed by the medical board.

Your Solution

Our online and face to face services offer you the solution to tackle the increasing risk of diabetes facing your staff and company. The benefits of our services include:

You're in good company

The Diabetes Safety Organisation is delighted to work with and provide its services to many leading businesses.

700 diagnoses a day

700 people diagnosed a day is staggering. Everyone is still talking about your presentation and the one less! We hope you will be back next year.

​​​​Bob Bridge
Deputy Chair, South Yorkshire and Humber Working Well Together Group

Incredible impact

Showing the members the impact on their health, such as erectile dysfunction and blindness, along with the impact on their companies with litigation risk and ill health, really hit the message home. We all took a lot from the talk and the safety aspects of diabetes in our workplace.

Tony Seddon
Managing Director, FASET

What are you doing to protect your workforce and business from the dangers of diabetes?