Chippenham Pit Stop is Taking Diabetes Seriously

Pit Stop are leading the drive to improve healthy options at truck stops and raise awareness about diabetes.

RHA’s New Podcast – Real stories of living with diabetes

We have shared the facts about diabetes (see below for more details) but what is it like living with the condition. Listen to the Road Haulage Association’s podcast, featuring two industry professional talking about their experiences with type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes is often perceived as a less serious or worrisome condition compared to, say, cancer or heart disease. This common attitude fails to take into account both the significant direct impact of the condition and how it can be a ‘gateway condition’ to many others, such as heart disease and strokes. 

What are the symptoms of diabetes?

We know that many of these symptoms can feel like just your normal life but what if its diabetes?

If you think you could be at risk from diabetes get it checked with your GP. The sooner you do something the less impact the condition will have had on you. For someone people, if caught early enough, it is possible to reverse the condition. Diabetes UK have an online check, Know Your Risk which you can access here and see if you are at risk from diabtetes.

What can you do to take control over your health?

We all know how hard it is when you are on the road but what if having just one less could make a difference. Would it be worth having one less of something if over a year it added up to a significant amount? Rather than cutting everything out of your diet or making massive changes that are not sustainable we encourage people to have one less of something.

For those who have a savoury palate it might be one less packet of crisps. Three less bags of crisps a week would amount to 156 fewer bags a year.

Or it might be as simple as reducing the amount of sugar in a drink. By taking one less spoonful of sugar in a cup of tea, someone who drinks 6 cups a day will consume 1kg of sugar less a month. That’s 12 less bags of sugar a year. That’s a lot of sugar!

You are free to set your own goal but the results will be the same, a happier and healthier you with a new positive and sustainable lifestyle change.

So what will you have One Less of?

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