Take the 'One Less Challenge'

workmen taking the one less challenge

Healthy staff are productive staff

Taking care of staff is a fundamental part of any company’s health and safety strategy.

It is a well-documented fact that a healthy staff are happy and productive staff.  As obesity and diabetes levels continue to soar in the UK, engaging in health and wellbeing campaigns are essential to support staff.

A simple solution

Creating, setting up and running effective health campaigns can be time consuming, expensive and difficult. That’s where we can help. We, at the Diabetes Safety Organisation, are passionate about helping people make small changes to their lifestyle so they can feel good about themselves, have more energy and be more productive.

For these reasons we have set up the ‘One Less Challenge’.


Just have 'One Less'

Rather than cutting everything your employees like out of their diet or making massive changes that aren’t sustainable we encourage people to have one less of something.

For those who have a savoury palate it might be one less packet of crisps. Three less bags of crisps a week would amount to 156 fewer bags a year.

Or it might be as simple as reducing the amount of sugar in a drink. By taking one less spoonful of sugar in a cup of tea, someone who drinks 6 cups a day will consume 1kg. of sugar less each month. That’s 12 less bags of sugar a year. That’s a lot of sugar!

Everyone is free to set their own goals but the results will be the same, happier and more productive people with a sustainable healthier lifestyle. The financial costs to you are minimal but the results are lasting and worthwhile.

Sadly, few companies are looking at the risks from diabetes and the benefits of taking the 'One Less Challenge'.



Save lives
Increased safety problems
Improved safety
Cost from litigation and sickness
Increased productivity
Lack of concentration and productivity
Decreased absenteeism
Increased presenteeism
Increased Profits

Take the 'One Less Challenge' today.

Worried about how to fit this into this year’s wellbeing schedule and how to deliver it? We can provide you with the solution.

Take the ‘One Less Challenge’ as part of our Tackling Diabetes Safety Charter for £995.00 and receive

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  • Diabetes Awareness Certificate

Help improve your company and staff’s health and safety with limited input and maximum benefit.

Tackling Diabetes Safety Charter

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  • 'One Less Challenge' Digital Poster Pack
  • 10 online courses to train diabetes ambassadors
  • Diabetes Awareness Digital Poster Pack
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