One Less Challenge

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Within reason, we all know what we should eat or not eat, but for many of us habits are hard to change and it’s too easy to have that one extra piece of something, especially during these isolating times at home.

We, at the Diabetes Safety Organisation, are passionate about helping people make small changes to their health so they can feel good about themselves. For this reasons, we have set up the ‘One Less Challenge’.

It’s not about giving anything up it’s simply having one less.

Rather than cutting everything out or making massive changes that aren’t sustainable, we encourage you to have one less of something. For those who have a savoury palette, why not cut back on a pack of your favourite crisps? Three less bags of crisps a week would amount to 156 bags less a year. With that in mind, consider, 

What could you have one less of today?” 

It might be as simple as sugar in your drink. If you drink 6 cups of tea a day with sugar and take one less spoon of sugar in each cup that equates to eating 1 Kilo bag of sugar less every month! That’s 12 less bags of sugar a year and that’s a lot of sugar!

If you are interested and want more details please email

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