Diabetes Safe Workplaces

14th November is World Diabetes Day. Most of us understand the health impact of diabetes, but did you know that diabetes has a significant impact on workplace safety?

When blood sugar levels drop very low, a person with diabetes can experience a severe ‘hypo’ (hypoglycaemic episode). They can become confused, have blurred vision, become shaky, lose sensation in hands and feet, lose balance or coordination or even pass out. This can result in accidents and injuries to themselves and others. 

  • 23% of people experiencing a severe hypo are able to be assisted by someone else who recognises what is happening 
  • 21% of people having a severe hypo are found unconscious by another person 

People experiencing a hypo need sugar: five glucose or dextrose tablets, five jelly babies, a small glass of a sugary (non-diet) drink, a small carton of pure fruit juice or two tubes of a glucose gel. 

Understanding how to prevent, recognise and assist during a hypo can save lives. 

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