With Diabetes on the rise globally, it has become very apparent that workplace incidents related to diabetes are occurring more frequently on a global scale, the UK is experiencing some particularly serious events which are well documented internally.
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In the UK some 4.5 million people are diagnosed with diabetes, and it is estimated that there are over 1 million people currently undiagnosed with the condition. These figures represent approximately 9% of the UK population having diabetes!

This has some serious implications for your business, why?  

Have you thought about the consequences of not having measures in place to manage this condition? If you employ people in your business, it is probable that 7-9% of your workforce have Diabetes.

The British Safety Council have carried out some extensive research and the results are astounding.

The following is a Quote from the British Safety Council

The results of the survey showed that nearly three in every five employers (59%) that responded did not know their legal responsibilities if one of their workers has diabetes, while the same proportion (58%) of employers did not implement and review risk assessments for the role(s) workers with diabetes undertake.

British Safety Council is concerned by these findings, which shows a general lack of awareness amongst employers of how to manage diabetes in the workplace, as well as the risks that need to be assessed and managed. While there is currently no specific legislation covering diabetes in the workplace, there are legal duties on employers under the Health and Safety at Work Act to ensure the health, safety and welfare at work of all employees.”  

Is your business one of the 59% that does not know your legal responsibilities around diabetes in the workplace?

Have you considered the impact on your workforce and indeed, your business, if something untoward happens?

Most businesses understand the issues around safety, and have appropriate measures in place, but the health aspect is sometimes more difficult to implement, The Diabetes Safety Organisation can help you with policy development, risk assessment and implementation. 

Just think a workforce that feels cared for feels valued and is ultimately more productive.

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Written by Bob Bridge 

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